Is “corporate socialism” the future of humanity?

Sometimes the best way to start is to start from scratch. The tech futurists behind Sui Generis, a Montreal-based company with ambitious plans to jumpstart stagnant nations with networks of startup-friendly city-states, don’t see the point in revamping existing countries and their dying governments. The world we live in, they posit, is too far gone. If we want progress, we’re going to have to begin again.

Co-founder Guillaume Dumas argues that the evolution of science, medicine, and technology is being stifled by restrictive governments designed in ways unsuited to humanity’s future needs. Dumas envisions a network of “corporate socialist” utopian societies — built on a foundation of economic freedom, transhumanist ideals, and fun — erected on land shared by existing nations in exchange for a cut of the profits. He’s aware it sounds crazy, but he stands by his vision. Government representatives from Latvia and Madagascar stand nearby, actively mulling his proposals.

Dumas explained to Inverse why nations should be run like companies, why “public work” is necessary to the public good, and how he plans to get away with selecting the “right” people without being, you know, racist.

“Corporate socialism” seems to be the future…

Read more here: The Futurist Start-Up Sui Generis Is Uber, but for Techno-Socialist City States | Inverse


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